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The hottest spa treatment in The Nation, is a Yoni Stream (V-Steam).We at Shee Cares Natural have created the perfect Beauty Blending Trio Event for you and your guest. We provide your guest with a new category of beauty,soul and   pampering .Our services and atmosphere is created to address the mind and body Let's kick the event off with a  herbal Tea'ize tasting non-achcol and achocol . We have a Royal Custom Blend session.Each guest will receive a consultation and will be able to blend there custom yoni mix  on sight to take home, with full instructions on how to yoni stream at home. Each guess will also blend a herbal salt scrub with custom scents onsite.The event will close with a Power of the Sweet Spot Workshop( Tips and Skills) along with QA session. we will also have games and prizes though out event.Each guest will have a Shee Bag to put  all blends and sample.We bring these services to the comfort of your home,or a location such as a hotel suite.We only require a minimum of six or more ladies.Please call or email for pricing and  avibleable  dates .We do travel out of states for events.

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